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FaceFilter Studio v2

FaceFilter Studio v2

FaceFilter Studio is intended for a correction or change of mien on a picture. It is possible to make an unusually razveselogo man out of gloomy subject, create a quite blameless model person. From time to time the products of similar family are placed to the market, but for today FaceFilter, perhaps, does not know itself competitors on the amount of possibilities and quality of result.

To, that we see on the covers of glossy magazines! No Photoshop are only a few steps and fairy-tale action, - from faceless, in an adorable person. The function of Smart Portrait automatically will recognize the outlines of human person and will place the points of treatment and will lead you step by step to the delightful result. FaceFilter Studio Edition analyses the hundreds of persons which are in his database, and destroys the formula of sweet face. The program will do so, that on a picture you will look younger, more clever, more good, without red eyes, with other color of skin…

In the program the library of the prepared templates is included with different miens, which can be laid on on the real pictures. Among them am and humorous, for example, such, which will make similar to you on certain animals.

Now you with lightness can process a person on a picture and you not may need Photoshop. Due to the function of Smart Portrait a face will be automatically recognized and the points of treatment are placed. After working off the program will return you a clean person: without wrinkles, pimple of birth-marks, scars, with clear talking eyes.

FaceFilter Studio Edition owns wide possibilities: ot stand retouches and corrections to treatment on purpose get a clear expressive portrait. Allows to import for editing a picture with high permission to 25 Mega of pixels. Export in formats: JPG, GIF, BMP and great number other.

Operating system: Windows® 2000/XP/Vista
Language of interface: English

FaceFilter Studio v2

Natural Expression Enhancement

FaceFilter Studio’s proprietary 3D muscle-based photo morphing technology lets you fine-tune facial expressions naturally such as adding a smile, widening eyes or raising an eyebrow.

* Remove bad expressions
* Change facial expression
* Open and widen eyes
* Adjust head proportion & width
* Slim/Fatten face
* Revamp & Beautify faces
* Improve balance

Skin Enriching Technology
Enhance the skins appearance with subtle color adjustment to improve skin color, add a suntan or whiten. Improve skin’s complexion and smooth the texture by reducing wrinkles, lines or rough skin.

* Adjust skin color
* Hide skin flaws such as spots, freckles, moles, birthmarks and acne
* Eliminate wrinkles, lines or rough skin
* Remove oily skin & glossy reflections
* Reduce dark lines around the eyes

Powerfully Smart Photo Color Correction
Automatically improve the color, contrast, and dynamic range of any image.

* Auto-detect human face and skin color to create vibrant colorful photos
* Improve color balance
* Global color adjustment
* Automatic Red-eye reduction
* Fix over/under exposure
* Enhance backlit/washed-out

Simple, yet powerful 5 step automated process
Get superior results faster than any other photo editor! Automatic facial feature mapping automates and greatly simplifies the demanding editing process.

* 5-step process
* Import high-resolution photos up to 12 Mega pixels in size for editing
* Print instant photo-stickers with various mood expressions
* Automatic facial feature recognition
* Blended layers for easy editing
* Copy/Paste to support external applications
* Wide range of export formats: .JPG, .GIF, .BMP

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